WhiteHat Jr: New Sales Teams’ Key Steps To Revenue Acceleration

Fastest growing EdTech unicorn

Whitehat JR is a startup unicorn in the Ed-Tech industry in India, which offers online coding classes for children in the age group of 6–14. Within 3 years, they have grown from a small team to 5500+ proud Whitehatters, innovating the education landscape for both educators and young students. Today, we have a great opportunity to chat with one of its members about what it takes to ride in the fast lane.

Key numbers

  • 1500+ sales managers
  • 20+ sales teams
  • 75,000 calls logged daily 🚀

Scaling up

When Arshdeep Sharma, Director of Sales at WhiteHat Jr, started in June 2020, there were only about 500 sales managers working at the company. Now WhiteHat Jr grew to 1500+ employees in sales and 5500+ in the total company headcount. Sharma is leading 72 sales managers in the News Sales team with up to 90% quota achievement every month, without missing even a beat.

Keep an eye on all of the metrics

The sheer size of WhiteHat Jr’s sales teams in addition to its high speed can easily throw off players that are not well-adapted. For Sharma, if a team wants to deliver their sales targets, it is not enough to only follow a few metrics.

  • Connection rate per sales manager
  • Average talk time per call per sales manager
  • When are the calls happening the most

Leading with data and empowerment

As we go on to discuss the biggest challenges in team management, employee motivation surfaces. Besides promotion, bonus compensation and little things like birthday cakes for family members (who wouldn’t love that 😍🧁?), data itself has been one of the key drivers of performance for WhiteHat Jr.

Closing the gap: Replicate the top performers

With Salestrail’s real-time data input, Sharma can easily follow the calling activities in the whole team without opening way too many tabs in his browser. This is important for 2 reasons: visibility and data analytics.

Salestrail is a call capture solution for teams. Think of it like a sales assistant for logging and analyzing your mobile calls — except it never needs coffee.